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Special Order Contact Us,  price varys according to size of any specific website desired of. 

>>> watch what they write! <<<

our URL Example below; The URL internet listing is for easy access files of Rome.

 In certain cases, you can obtain files not permmited to be seen yes, by overide to password protection.

Makes easy look ups of Large Websites,  using search features of the browser itself instead, like "find" pressing the  keys (CTRL+F)" for specifics on the files themselves by the name. For instance, in the Example below use, "Saints" and other new so called "doctrine" or "law" words for your search (CTRL+F keys) by name or by date.

Or by any url web path to the folder order themselves in a URL type order, some alphabetically and yes, specified with 2 letter abbreviate linguistics for each specific identify of language, or the topic.   This is a great help to those who do not have access to internet all the time, but still need to work with finding somethings important in massive websites.

This is intended also for use by true priests, so that one may obtain truths quickly to which church they say - they really do reside and belong in?  But real intention of its use, is faster knowledge of what is written on all websites.

Especially sneaky pete urls that they do not link to so easily for you to find.

 example of why buy this?  According to true church law, it is mortal sin to sell documents realted to the true Catholic Religion, of which we will not support evil freemasonry the VII charging currency to view any book inside the Archives in Rome.  This We do believe is poor form of the ill sick Euro thief monster satanic website.  But also, many reasons of law can exist in numerous different type websites, such as congress or diplomatic types.  Thus can be useful for many type purposes, not just about law.

Please understand payment for this CD rom must be made in order for this to exist, that We are just a small bankrupt business in the world that has decided, enough is enough.    Price pays for time and materials including our labor working to obtaining any listings of any websites, filtering listings, making updates, and creating, so that it is possible to be able to provide it to the public. Price below is for full example vatican II website only.  Please Ask for other type quotes by Contact Us and special order.

We know Using pay pal is costly, though we do use this as our payment provider, to obtain quickness of deliverys to you for any interested parties. We stress use of these religious files for all liable sacerdotical type people to obtain proper quick tracking of answers from the listings to complicated questions of issues of and about the true church today. Also we do not waranty informations of Rome at all, in regards to true church law.  In most cases, it is not valid.

Why waste time with web site buttons to find out what is really there? 

 Go straight to file names themselves, from a url listing ...!!! 

If snail mail of your payment for CD, please use our Contact Us form with your name & address, subject of CD of which *URL Listing*, And for applying your payment with the shipping address see below.

Sorry no checks.  

 International Money orders or Cashiers Checks, by Snail Mail.  Ask for the pay to name by Contact Us

Mail it to;    trueCarpentry - 4396 F Hwy 231 Springdale Wa 99173

Price of Rome URL CD is -  $25.00

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view a  1.2mb file  EXAMPLE  Rome VII partial of CD ?

CD is with to many files to quote (how many)  aproximent 1 MB size html files each; 

 of Large Monster ROME VATICAN website.

Payment includes yearly updates Rome for life through online password.

insurance is included, so you will see another copy if you do not recieve it.


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