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5 / 2014

updated 12/01/2020


spam cops (Nazi  FCC Movement) against freedom of speech, remove innnocent peoples emails and net usage from the net blocking and blacklisting numerous peoples on the net, with no justifications for doing so, stealing their internet leaving them without... Label your own spam.  They have no rights to do anything of the sort in the eyes of the true church, or in the eyes of the US Constitution.    
      Stealing is Stealing...

So because of this problem, trueCatholic administration, is going to proceed into moving into a differ system than email, so that communications can so take place once again between God's one true church, and true clergy and its people, itself and of its members and anyone that wants to use it to keep touch..  Please bear with us and pay close attention, to this big problem, because many emails have already been blocked by these numerous insubordinate type fire walls in this world,  that do not care if they cause enourmous problems in bankruptsys and already have done so in this world.   Here is example link of what takes place really,  that operators of computers cannot see at all no, but instead, see only things like,

Delivery mail system failure;

 and blank no show webpages.  On the other end of the message really, is really this type of stuff here below,  that of course, they do not show you at all....   !!!

50 5.7.1 Service unavailable; Client host [] blocked using FBLW15; To request removal from this list please forward this message to delist@messaging.microsoft.com SMTP error: 550 5.7.1 Service unavailable; Client host [] blocked using FBLW15; To request removal from this list please forward this message to delist@messaging.microsoft.com
or even more of their shanigans>


Click these link's and read the games they play with the entire random system and entire world now, and then, you can understand why, you did never get in contact with anyone or someone else, as if they think they can control you, or of the real whys of why not,? They are not able to contact you through email. ? Thats why... Any of us?  yes? And, the FCC is why!!!  And, they do not tell you why of that this is true....Please bear with this problem of these nazi firewalls, and use all clergy members emails to try to stay in touch with the true Church and Church Fathers here, for it will take all of us to be able to make that happen in a transition to a new way of comunications of because, of the reasons why involved enclosed right here shown to you now. Yes, they are stealing from us and destroying true economics. (the binary math computer) not to mention, the US CONSTITUTION, AND, this is rule by FCC of which, they will be attacked severely for this breakage of true law by justified hackers.

  Keep in mind, there are numerous spam firewall cops out there, doing this baggering to the people, this is not the only one, "barracuda central". or the Microsoft. YES< MS.. there is also "spamhaus", and many numerous others that are nazi firewalls throughout the internet to block whoever they dam may well PLEASE of, AND do want to block u for no random reasons.  Anyones Random set IP numerals they DO block.  So if your having problems with emails etc, and you will, or even website problems, yes u are,  keep in mind what they are really blocking OF.  911 murderer nightmare evil freemason Nazi US government and UN evil world, Two Faced LIES. Stay tuned to this page, to see results of what we come up with to get around this problem of terrorist George Jorge W Bush and Bushite Obama evils. Stop  Tar Sands Oil Now a cancer causing Bush Obama adventure.  We do not need to clean up such thing's nor this.  In the meantime, just do the best you can with sending your emails to all clergy members, type in you want the code key for this below program, and explain to them this page itself and why, leave this link of this truecatholic page so they can read it for themselves please, and send to all the true Church Fathers as well please.  (Freedom)  If all of you do send it, it will bypass nazi firewall blocks somewhere eventually in the system yes, and make it to the real inbox of where it does so belong and needs to go, and also here; to the true catholic church. Download below program....

In the not so far future, internet will have total breakdowns yes, and the world will loose total communications all together thanks to ignores of political high treason murdering thieves that are outside this One true Holy Catholic Apostolic church, staging these blocks in freemason nazi corruptions of corporations the stealing of the system against the United States People and the entire world; and her true Constitution, of which; Always DID AND ALWAYS WILL, "freedom of speech"  Yes -  -  - NAZI spamhaus breaks this and Declaration of Independence law now.  See Crazy Engines for more important info's on this topic. (especially you right winged militia hackers...   hack em dead)

Stay tuned into this page to see what comes up on an alternate systems to email.  Once we do have them, WE shall display post them here... downloadables, (see below) Yes, We shall keep in mind to keep it a free type of system if we can find them being made, in obedience to "the people" (of the poor) so that no one will have to pay or pay very much at all to use this.   Yes, we are also banning Skype here to you, (never use it) a thief to the public, same as Google thief,  but that is not an answer, as they use the same nazi systems as this is monitored of by;  Microsoft Windows Freemasonry.    


Posted Aug/2014 >

 #1 Posted;  Retroshare program below has promise for tcc and the true Catholic Church and obedient to constitution people, it runs on a differ protocol all together, that most microsoft programmed agents, have no idea about using.  It uses slightly more resources, but there is no base server. (Uses all internet wide open) As normal email alwasys has this a single point IP numeral server.  So this is our first choice...  We will keep you up to date on other formats as soon as we do discover them using this page right here....


   Please use email to chase this system to make it work for you do download it.  Once everyone has each others Code Key's, that the program requires for you to send each other, to make it work, then it is usable.....  The only way to send those key codes is to use normal emails first with each other. or cell phone. Or disc through private snail mails. (more secure) Today, in these Apocalypse times we do live, the true Church needs to keep in touch with itself and this world in a way, no one can obstruct of.  This format is not on the nazi firewall systems, so that itself is a large plus....  It is worth using if  bandwidth can be afforded of.  (And everyday you live in this Apocalypse, do not give your money to such a system all true Catholics.  God will not and does not tell you to do so In His true Laws.


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