Curriculum IHM
Resume Application for consideration of
 entry into the IHM Council Magesterium.
Please be as specific as possible.
true Catholic Church.
Please use this same Cirriculum.
to Join the tcc without to join the council.
Specify No Council inside Message Window.

Curriculum IHM Resume

Comments in the message window at end of form, anything that you may feel you must add about your true Catholic Faith.

*(denotes required field)
Sacraments Received, Declares you have actual paper work that is in your possession.
IF yes, please give name of catechisms by specific.

Profession Of Faith, Apostles Creed

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upon acceptance, you shall and will be notified by email.
- A Internet connection and MIRC undernet software program -
can be helpful by those accepted of and able to use of it, - for start package issuance of IHM instruction guide to the council itself inside the Mirc Room... or ask us how.   This all of course Prior to the Actual true Visual Event is already in motion.   The true Visual Event Location is not known at this time, {"Conclave"} but may be inside the State of Washington USA.  Later to be announced of where, by email Graces Time > It Will be announced at least four months prior (120 days) to its first day date and time when ready.
The Time of the actual event will be roughly middle to end year of 2017 - 2020. (Fatima Reasons)
Warning, all those with any obnoxious non catholic foul speech or behavior on the Mirc Channel will be booted from the
Channel with  disbar from IHM Council Magisterium, yes all together. 
 No Exceptions.  No Readmit's   
"The Same" will be expected of and enforced of at the actual event itself, with the use of real chosen police security.