Northern Cross

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This document will be append to from time to time.    This is proven fact of its positions on the globe yes.  And the times that it moves onto the specific said so positions of the horizon, 33 most interesting on the grid, according to the creation of the earth and the 12 apostles, New Testament, to the 12 month callendar.  Spring equinox. Much of this part of the sky was studied for a long time refering to the truths of the altar in the DR only bible.   For the true altar faced North before the coming of Christ.  North Star.   Much to heed to what the true Scriptures say, and how to find the King of Him a papal,  so it is said and done. Starting on the 14 stations of the Cross, for the 14 verse of Genesis.  And just why God had said why He made them in this way.  We shall also bring into this document later on the study by Fr. Lucian Kemble, a Friar of the true Catholic Church inside the country of Alberta; that studied the north sky for many many years, he lived until 3 years elect of the Fr Lucian Pulvermacher as the true Pope, Montana, but neither one of them knew the other one on the inside of this life, yet, Fr Lucian Kemble charted an asterism in parallel to the Northern Cross itself not far from that section of the sky versing the holy Trinity 3 on the Zenith.  As a point of cascades, which is meaning, the cascade mountains following on the Trinity of the Zenith in regards to the perpendicular line on the globe of its grid.   Of course, you have to understand both Astronomical settings and words in descripts as well as the Divinity which defines ecclesiastical and explain of the true Holy Scriptures of God's instuction to His own people...

Points of Grid is four corners,  set to the Cross.


Four Corners is centered on Universal Time Zone grid Longitude Lattitude,  civil use grid, middle of the earth european, its grid. At 0 and 0 lon lat ... 

See this map.

See some of the north cross photos below....   positions will be defined and time of its position, as to month day and date. 

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         nc1 33o approach



Cascades Obs


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caution, -  Black Holes do exist to the right arm, & to the Head of the Northern Cross,  and behind the center...