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status; valid, was under priorty investigation, by tcc IHM council.           post marked now  5-10-2013                                 

This is just one of the true Church's Mystical divine mystery's, believed to be by the tcc laity, of the true Catholic Church. At this current time in history and these same events, unfolding and marking themselves.    Status; believed valid, to be logged recorded of with other facts investigated of not only the' Father Lucian Pulvermacher OFM cap. position of Pope Pius XIII, ' a peter II,  as he did taken of the name Lucian as his second name, Meaning Light, Simular of the Leo XIII luminous warnings.  But also in his counterpart of "Lucian of Antioch" from the very 1st General Council's of the true Church Herself.  "- READ World  READ -". see also it the true "Catholic Encyclopedia online at new advent" Cathen .   St Peter, did reside in Antioch a big fact.  Many of the true Popes did not reside in Rome at all, Including the very 1st, St Peter, - but were in fact, - persecuted out by pagans of a false civil rome, a cesar goverment enviroment. 

IHM council notes; & specifys, that this peice was not known of by the Late Pius XIII papal pope,  and while he was in holding the office of the papal chair position of Rome.  Layman Daniel, brought this to the attention of the true Church after the death of the pope. Problems with email and internet did not alow transfers of this document, via internet, to his position, a very torn system. AS it is, the true status was unknown, now believed valid and by an authentic publisher date, inside the pages.    Thus at this point in time, the index mark would have to be a very old valid index mark, and was checked, and from an old book of the same index pages, to be excepted by the tcc as valid index marked book.  Thus books on the index themselves, have to be re validated and reviewed each year, towards truths as to what Pope Pius XIIIths decision was truly made of, for he did not alow the church to know of some of the problems in canon law, by no fault of his own, while he was still in the papal seat.   Thus today, according to the truths of the true history of the true Catholic Church,  the very same heresy and apostasy still exists in and along the very same lines as in the Arian time's heresys, of and this is about including the "Lucian of Antioch" at the time of the Arian schisms inside the true Church. Once again Thus this was the time of the original writtings of the trueCatholic Church Creed yes. The Apostles Creed.   A Big Fact is this, Pagans, do not go to heaven.   Document is accepted and under investigations still by IHM council again for authenticity on the name Lucius/Lucian.  Publication date will be further investigated, but is believed to be valid at this time.  Preceeding other important prior investigations of this very same council hopefuly.  For the future election of a new Roman Pontiff to take its place in the follow of the Pius Popes including Pope Pius XIIth and Pope Pius XIIIth ,  and is dependent upon the outcome of this and other investigations at the IHM,Council including the North Cross in sky northern hemisphere, of a mentioned inside the Sister Maria de Agreda - Spain. Maria de Agreda .   See election status pages for work sheets that are set times and of a form, to join the IHM Council Magisterium, , and for your further informations.  Lay people are permitted inside this Council chat room on the net preceding the real Council itself.


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