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Caritas Election News #1

Papal Election

A Simple Approach for the Laity 
br Fr. Lucian Pulvermacher, OFM Cap. 
May 20, 1998
This document was written prior to Pope Pius XII ascending to the Chair of St. Peter.  Its content is kept in its original form because of its invaluable content.

Because of many requests by the ordinary faithful, I, Father Lucian Pulvemacher, O.F.M.CAP, am putting down in a most simple format what was contained in the four documents on the papal election that were inserted in the CARITAS newsletter and the True Catholic website.  They were the most valuable studies of Ken Mock on the papal election, and we are most grateful for his wonderful input in the educational process of the election. God reward him for it. 

In this matter of studies for the papal election, I am reminded of the modern day school system where sex education begins at kindergarten and grinds on until the end of High School.  As a matter of fact, the child is rightly instructed by a parent in a few short sessions.  Seeing God in the process, the child is grateful to God for bringing him into the world. My information on the papal election is similar to the short instruction given by a parent in regard to sex education.  Leave the heavy articles to those who must defend our cause against fierce adversaries of our work of electing the Pope. 

As I grew up, I learned that the powers of the priest and bishop came to them from Christ at the Last Supper. All over the world, a priest is a priest and a bishop is a bishop.  However, when a Pope died, we always waited for the cardinals to ELECT the Pope.  There you have it - a valid election alone makes a Pope.  An invalid election makes nothing. 

We live in a scenario where there is not one true cardinal on earth.  Pope Pius XII (died October 9, 1958) was the last true Pope, and all the cardinals that he created are long dead.  Does that mean that the Church is all finished, that it can never elect the Pope?  No way! Before I go on with the topic of our election I must establish the fact that we have no true Pope on earth, and we have been without one ever since the death of Pope Pius XII. 

Today We Have NO Pope 

Some of you may want that explained.  Here is the scenario in a nutshell.  Canon Law 188: 
    “All offices shall be vacant ipso facto by tacit resignation in the following cases: #4 = if a cleric has publicly lapsed from the Catholic Faith;” 
The other numbers have different topics. 

A deep study of that Canon tells us that the defection from the faith must include either joining another religion or founding another religion.  Now we are ready to cross the bridge.  At bogus Council Vatican II, John XXIII and the big wigs [really criminals] at the Council founded a new religion, the Novus Ordo Church.  Just in case (but not true) John XXIII had been a true Pope, that made him lose his office as Pope.  Hence, his new cardinals are also bogus. 

I have proof that John XXIII, before he was elected “Pope,” joined the Rosecrucian Masons in 1935.  That alone made it impossible for him to become the Pope even for one minute.  One who abandons the faith and becomes a Satan worshiper in the Masons can never become the Pope, even if all the true electors gave them their vote.  That is a decree of the Church, and it follows common sense. 

We can prove that John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul I and John Paul II propagated heresy for all the faithful of the world to believe.  The dogma of faith on infallibility tells us that God cannot let His true Vicar ever teach a heresy for all to believe.  Hence, the conclusion has to be that, any time a man posing as a Pope proposes a doctrine that is heretical and says it is a teaching for all to believe, we know that he never became Pope at the attempted election. 

The unbelieving “Thomas” will say, “Father Lucian, just name one such heresy.  John Paul II is a wonderful man, and I like him.”  Keep your powder dry; this “powdermaker” (my name in German means that) is bringing out what he shot at the world over twenty years ago. 

For more of the details on the heretical teaching coming from Vatican II and its popes, see the article entitled, "Vatican II Council - Accepts Freedom of Religion -Teaches Heresy." 

John Paul II “proposes for all to believe” what is in the 16 documents of bogus Council Vatican II, and that includes the belief that one religion is as good as another.   I quote Catholic teaching that freedom of religion is absolutely a false teaching.  In fact Pope Pius IX, quoting Gregory XVI, says that the teaching of freedom of religion is insanity. 

Now I quote from bogus Vatican II: 

    “The Church ... is following the way of Christ and the apostles ... (and is) in accord with divine revelation.”
Finally we go to the final words of the document of Vatican II.  Paul VI and the Council Fathers try to make a dogmatic decree by the words, again following Christ (so they say) “approving, decreeing, and establishing these things in the Holy Spirit, and we direct that what has thus been enacted {that is, the decree on heretical freedom of religion} in the synod be published to God’s glory.” 

I quote this condemned heresy of Council Vatican II: 

    “This right of the human person to religious freedom is to be recognized in the constitutional law whereby society is governed.  Thus it is to become a civil right.”  I cry out, “Non habemus Papam!” 
John Paul II is not the Pope, so true Catholics are obliged to elect the true Pope. 

Father Lucian, how come the true Catholics have the power to tell God to whom He is to give the power of the papacy, the primacy of jurisdiction and infallibility? It is because the Catholic Church is a perfect society, meaning that it has all the means necessary to attain its end - the salvation of souls.  Therefore, it always has the power to elect its head, the Pope.  That power never leaves the Church, so God will not come and make a new “Peter” any more than he will come and make a new “Adam.” 

The Church Structure – Non-Clergy and Clergy 

Look at the Church as a kind of two-story building.  On the lower level are the non-clerical (obviously without jurisdiction) members of the Church.  On the second level are the clerics with jurisdiction in the chain of command from the Pope down to his last man, ordained in the first step of tonsure. 

Today the second story of the Church is entirely empty, and it will remain entirely empty until the faithful make a Pope by means of a valid election. 

Let me use an example of jurisdiction in the civil order, something very easy to understand. Consider the scenario where the mayor and all the rulers have been dead for forty years.  That is the case in the Church today.  Well, the first thing the people have to do is to ELECT a mayor to whom God gives ruling authority.  Once he is in place he can gather around him other officials.  He can deputize policemen who will have real authority to keep order in the city.  Let us imagine there was a good man who sacrificed himself day and night to keep order, he still is without the power of a policeman until he is deputized by the new mayor.  All these years since the death of Pope Pius XII, I have sacrificed myself to keep order in the Church, but I have no power to rule anyone.  In some way, a Catholic man must be shot through a hole in the ceiling, into the second floor of the Church where there is jurisdiction.  Only the faithful in the first floor can, with their votes, send a man into the second floor where he will rule and drag other willing men into the second floor with himself in the chain of command that he makes. 

The jurisdictional chain of command is possessed in the Pope with the bishops and priests of his deputation.  No bishop on earth can pull himself into that second story.  All the bishops on earth today cannot elect the Pope, for they are no more electors than the ordinary Catholics in the first story of the Church. 

Let us move on.  Has it ever happened that there were no known cardinals in the Church?  Was there ever a time when the ordinary Catholics, bishops, priests and laymen elected the Pope?  There sure was. 

For this explanation I go to the book entitled, Church History, by Fr. John Laux, M.A.  A Complete History Of The Church To The Present Day.   You can purchase this book from TAN Books and Publishers, Inc., Rockford, Illinois 61105. 

The heading of Chapter 3 reads as follows: THE GREAT SCHISM OF THE WEST (1378 - 1417).  On page 407 we see the lines of three Popes, and there was a general dispute as to just which line had the papacy.  I will give the lines; Roman Pontiffs: Urban VI, Boniface IX,  Innocent VII, Gregory XII.  Anti-Popes of Avignon: Clement VII,  Benedict XIII.  Line of the Council of Pisa:  Alexander  V and John XIII. 

Use a little mathematics.  Take 1378 from 1417 and you have 39 years.  That is how long the Church existed without knowing who was the true Pope.  Now subtract 1958 (when Pius XII died) from 1998 and you come up with 40 years since we had a true Pope.  We have broken the record; we have proven our point.  We out-did the Great Schism.  Do you think we should wait longer for our papal election?  At the Council of Constance, the electors (bishops, priests and laymen) elected Otto Colonna, a Roman, who took the name Martin V.  That ended the schism, and we have had Popes in the Church from him all the way to Pope Pius XII.  Now we are stuck in the mud of misery again, and it is time that the faithful do their duty in the election of the Pope once more. 

Some people chide me because we do not have a roster of bishops and priests who could stand ready as candidates to become the Pope.  I am not responsible that I am the only cleric that we know of in the Catholic community.  Only recently we lost the second last priest that “seemed to be” with us in the Catholic Church, so that leaves me all alone. 

After a priest or layman is elected Pope, he certainly will have himself made a bishop “THE BISHOP OF ROME.”  This could be done either by an existing valid bishop, or by a priest raised to the episcopacy. 

What if no bishop comes forward to consecrate the new Pope?  That is a very interesting question.  However, there is no problem as we stand before you. 

From sad experience I know that many of our faithful will not believe a word I say unless I quote some author, and then they still shake their heads.  I quote from another very sound book of theology entitled: Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma, by Ludwig Ott.  This book is also available from TAN  Books and Publishers, Inc. 

In the treatment of Holy Orders on pages 458-459, Father Ott deals with the ordinary ministers of Holy Orders and the Extraordinary ministers of Holy Orders. On page 459 we read: 

    “Pope Boniface IX, in agreement with the teachings of numerous medieval cannonists (for example, Huguccio † 1210) by the Bull “Sacrae religionis” of the 1st of February, 1400, conferred on the Abbot of the Augustine Monastery of St. Osytha at Essex (Diocese of London) and his successors, the privilege of administering to those subject to them, both the Minor Orders and those of the Sub-diaconate, Diaconate, and Priesthood. The privilege was withdrawn on the 6th of February 1403, on the insistence of the Bishop of London. But the Orders conferred on the ground of the privilege were not declared invalid.” 
In order to help your faith and thinking, I shall take another quote from page 459. 
    “Unless one wishes to assume that the Popes in question were victims of erroneous theological opinions of their times (this does not touch the Papal infallibility, because an ex cathedra decision was not given), one must take it that a simple priest is an extraordinary dispenser of the Orders of Diaconate and Presbyterate {priesthood}, just as he is an extraordinary dispenser of Confirmation. In this latter view, the requisite power of consecration is contained in the priestly power of consecration as ‘potestas ligata’ {power latent in his soul}. For the valid exercise of it, a special exercise of the Papal power is, by Divine or Church ordinance, necessary.” Stated simply, “That is the rest of the story.” 

“Potestas Ligata” 

The above quoted words have a profound meaning, and I found it almost impossible to understand the meaning to the point where I could put it in laymen’s language. The Latin word “potestas” means “power” in English, and “ligata” comes from the root verb “ligo.” Cassells Latin dictionary uses 7 lines to give you all the meanings of ligo. In simple terms it means to “tie together” in some way, and even “frozen together.” A string or rope can tie two things together. An electric wire can tie a battery to a cell motor in a car, for example. This last meaning is the one I must develop. 

When the first diesel cars came out, they had 2 powerful 12-volt batteries behind the headlights. Both of them were absolutely necessary to turn over the motor, and without both in good condition, you could never start the car. We are now ready to explain how a priest with the added power of the Pope can ordain a priest and consecrate a bishop. 

When a man is ordained a priest he is set up with two 12-volt batteries (so to speak), but there are no cables from one of them to the cell-motor.  He can never start the car (so to speak), because he lacks the hook-up to the second battery.  He has the battery, but he lacks the hook-up. We are ready to explain “potestas ligata.”  The power to start the car is there, but it lacks the connection.  Likewise, the power to ordain a priest and consecrate a bishop is in the priest, but there is no way he can use it.  However, if the Pope with the fullness of his powers, supplies the jumper cables to the cell motor then the priest can ordain priests and consecrate bishops.  Once the Pope pulls off the jumper-cables, that priest cannot ordain priests and consecrate bishops again - unless the Pope again returns the assistance. 

When a priest is made bishop he gets permanent starter cables on both batteries, so he can always validly ordain priests and consecrate bishops even if the Pope forbids him to do so.  Now you see how I do not deny what the Council of Trent defined: “The bishop is greater than the priest.”  He has permanent cables on both batteries, and the priest has permanent cables to the cell motor from one battery only. 

Given the scenario that there is only one priest after the papal election, there are two possibilities.  If that priest becomes the Pope, he immediately can ordain a priest.  The papacy gives him the temporary cables, so he can ordain and consecrate bishops.  If a layman becomes the Pope he can give to the priest, the temporary cables, and then that priest can make the Pope a bishop.  In either case, “EUREKA” the Church is set up perfectly, in Orders and in jurisdiction.  It would be a shame if the newly elected Pope could be held hostage by a true bishop in petitioning Holy Orders from that bishop.  Let me explain the holiness of the situation.  What do we read in the Easter Mass? 

I Corinthians 5, 7-8 

    “Brethren: purge out the old leaven, that you may be a new dough, so you really are without leaven....  Therefore let us keep festival not with the old leaven, nor with the leaven of malice and wickedness, but with the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth.”
At the time of the Council Vatican II there were so many criminals in the ranks of the cardinals and bishops that God just let that mess rot out through the last forty years.  Remember, the Israelites that left Egypt because of their idolatry were denied the privilege to enter the promised land.  Their bones are in the sands of the desert, and the bones of all the old cardinals and bishops (in a general way) are also in the sands of the past forty years.  May we now, with an honest papal election, be what St. Paul called “the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth.”   With the help of God we intend to keep it that way. 

I want to address in a personal way, all the Catholics who are called upon to join in this election of the Pope.  For forty years the Catholic Church has been without a Pope.  The juridical order - the chain of command - has ceased to exist, and the only way to bring that back is through the ELECTION of the Pope.  Our Lord will not return to earth to make a new Peter.  Likewise, He will not come back to make a new Adam.  During the course of centuries, no matter how bad things became, the faithful Catholics always did their duty of electing the Pope, and I am sure the same thing will happen again today.  If this is not done, God will advance the planned date for the end of the world. 

In order for an election to be valid it must be made in such a way that the legitimate electors can act freely.  The Great Schism started because there was undue force by the Italians on the electors.  There may not be any agenda where one or the other is forced out of the process, and there may not be an agenda where there is collusion (ganging up) in the election.  Each voter must pray and vote for the person whom he deems best for the successor of Pope Pius XII.  Any other motive would be a disgrace before the all-knowing God. 

The nuts and bolts of the electoral process will be presented to you as they are developed.  The Email of the Internet will have place of first importance, and the fax machine is the process to cover one and all who are without a computer. 

Editor's Note:  This was changed to a secure telephone process later, due to the fact that about 90% of the electorate didn't have either Email or Fax. 

My Daily Offering

God the Father, I thank Thee for creating me.  God the Son, I thank Thee for redeeming me.  God the Holy Ghost, I thank Thee for sanctifying me;  infuse into my thoughts, words and actions Thy grace, so that they may be supernaturally pleasing to Thee and supernaturally rewarding to me, forever. 

O Blessed Trinity, abundantly assist me in becoming that which Thou intended me to become when Thou created me,  for in that perfection I will give Thee the glory Thou desirest of me, and in that perfection I will find my greatest joy in heaven.  Amen. 

Fr. Lucian Pulvermacher, O.F.M.Cap. 
May 20, 1998 

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