Vatican II anti Pope Ratzinger Announced law suit actions against Benetton photo in November 2011, then portrays to the public the murder of the crucifix itself, displayed backwards on the Altar in Rome on Christmas Day Mass 2011.

zenit quote;

According to a statement from the Vatican, "The Secretariat of State has authorized its lawyers to initiate actions, in Italy and elsewhere, to prevent the circulation, via the mass media and in other ways, of a photomontage used in a Benetton advertising campaign in which the Holy Father appears in a way considered to be harmful, not only to the dignity of the Pope and the Catholic Church, but also to the sensibility of believers."

The ad campaign portrays various world leaders kissing on the mouth those who are or could be perceived as their enemies. The image portrayed as Benedict XVI is kissing the image of Imam Ahmed el-Tayyeb of Cairo's Al-Azhar mosque. The mosque also protested the ad, calling it irresponsible.

Jesuit Father Federico Lombardi's statement said the Vatican "cannot but express a resolute protest at the entirely unacceptable use of a manipulated image of the Holy Father, used as part of a publicity campaign which has commercial ends.

"It is a serious lack of respect for the Pope, an affront to the feelings of the faithful and an evident demonstration of how, in the field of advertising, the most elemental rules of respect for others can be broken in order to attract attention by provocation."

end of zenit article;

trueCatholic quotes are in red;

"In the entire History of the true Church, a pope would never do such a thing as is quoted of above, or of that is shown in the photo below, but then again, this person is a freemason antiChrist.  He is not the Pope."

No funny stuff in the photo below, it is original...

      except, the red oval line added outlining the crucifix facing the opposite direction.

For those of the faithful, you must zoom the photo to see the legs of Christ on the opposite side of the Crucifix facing away from the people,  in the photo itself. 

Photo is from the New York Times

"This Crucifix on this altar is better known to trueCatholics as the United Nations Two Faced Cross, Because of points that preceed outward away from the center of it, In diagonal direction instead of straight up and down only. Simular to the two faced Cross of Hitler.  It is known to trueCatholics also, as possible Star of Lucifer, Which was stated mentioned of by our Lady in warning to us in the Apparition of Our Lady at Marienfried Germany in 1946, after the LaSalette and Fatima Apparitions went unheeded of."

"Statement here below >  from the Spirago Clarke Catechism, With imprimatur of the Archbishop in New York dated October 18th, 1921"

"There ought not to be a single church, or altar, or cemetery, without a crucifix. Such is the honor in which the Church holds the Cross of Christ, that She allows no sacrament to be administered, no Mass to be celebrated, no act of divine worship to be performed, unless in the presence of the crucifix.  The Cross is seen on the crown of the monarch, on the breast of the bishop, and it is awarded as a decoration to men of merit. The Cross is in the hand of the dying Christian when he draws his last breath, and it accompanies him to the grave. This sacred symbol ought to be found in every Christian household; it does not speak well for the inhabitants of a house if none but secular pictures adorn its walls."

"We shall not even go into the true canon law on such an event as is shown of above."

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