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    As we have indicated, the Church was without a pope for 40 years from Oct. 9, 1958 until Oct. 24, 1998 with the election of Pope Pius XIII to the chair of Peter.  In this page of the True Catholic web site, we present articles on various topics concerning the papal situation, as well as reasons why and how a papal election could be conducted.  With God's help the remnant Church validly elected a true pope for God's one and only Church.

  • A reelect is not organize until birthday of Fatima of 100 years, according to the book of Isaias the Prophet. And 7 suns.

The Papal Situation The question has been posed . Do we have a pope?"  The answer in a nutshell is that the last true pope was Pope Pius XII who died on Oct. 9, 1958. The 6 men following him in Rome since, each claiming to sit on the Chair of St. Peter, were and are impostors.  The Great Schism article shows why.
 appended below; Daniel OFM minim
 The last true real Pope of today 2014, is and was the Pius XIIIth, who wrote this above. The failed Pope of Isaias the Prophet, and is so stated of by God inside the Holy Scripture. "A failed pope." Chapter 29.  The twin towers mass murder of the New York City people are also a marking to the time we live, and are shown in the Chapter #30 of the same exact scriptural book just after the statement of the ie "failed pope".  The downing of the networks.

 The Great Schism of the West (1378-1417)
was resolved at the Council of Constance.  With the help of God, that which seemed to be an impossible situation was finally settled.  We should thank God for knowing this event in history and how it was solved to the glory of God and the salvation of souls. 

New Conclave passing of Pius XIII (1998-2009)  A new council is in progress and will take time due to strong persecutions against the true Catholic Church and Her Faith. An information exchange to the other true Holy Mysteries of The Pope Pius XIII of this council also.  Including of the Northern Cross, and Maria de Agreda.  Election can and will take place after the year 2017. De Fatima - But only by the true mercy of our Lord Almighty God; When He is ready for it to be of His Holy Mercy.

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