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General Letterl Letter
January 20, 2005

Papal Letter to the World At-large:


             Quite unknown to the general public, things are taking place that require enlightenment.  We are speaking of toxins that are being produced and getting into our foods and drinks without the knowledge of consumers.  Some are there by design to give shelve life and the like, and other get there by accident as with harmful fumes from industries.


            We have already spoken on the problem of gene altering of plants.  God, our creator, placed the proper foods in this world, and they are usable for nutrition only in the basic form that they were created.  Avoid all gene altering, and avoid all use of gene altered foods.  This caution has nothing to do with proper traditional cooking procedures.


In the interest of speeding up the cooking process, the microwave oven has come into quite general use.  The microwave ovens have been condemned by whistle blowers, but few take their warnings seriously.  We quote from a whistle blower by the name Larry Cook.  He tells you to make your own test.  Make two equal seedbeds. Water one with tap water and the other with microwaved water.  The one with tap water sprouts, but the one with microwaved water does not sprout.  He points out that in Russia the microwave over has been banned since 1976, and they list the evil effect, where microwaved food lose 60-90 % of their vital energy field and it accelerates the structural disintegration of foods.  Microwaving creates cancer causing agents within milk and cereals and so forth and so on.  He quotes a Kinesiologist as saying she felt “gray and rather low” after inadvertently eating microwaved food at a restaurant.  He also quotes another Kinesiologist as saying “Of all the people I tested for allergies, 99.9 % so far show severe sensitivity to any microwaved food.”   This can easily be avoided by just stopping all use of the microwave ovens and food from them.


When speaking of toxins getting into the food chain one author said that there are 30,000 toxins in the food already.  For example, toxins get into the soil which then produces toxic plants which in turn are consumed by humans and animals.  Again, animal products: milk, cream, cheese, meat, and the like are made toxic.  It goes on and on.         


            Just what can the ordinary citizen do to avoid the toxic foods and drinks?  The food  producers and food sale outlets, that is, the stores cannot tell you, for they do not know the problem nor the solution either.  You are alone and on your own, no matter what advice may be given..


            Just above you observed that We quote persons known as Kinesiologists.  Our dentist and health server are Kinesiologists, and such persons can be found if one seeks hard enough.  The skill found in Kinesiologists and the proper use of the pendulum can be learned by the great majority of people with only minutes of instruction.


            The Kinesiologist function requires two persons. One person holds out an arm while he considers mentally or touches the object to be tested for toxins and the like.  The other person presses down on the extended arm, and if it goes down limp the product is bad for you.  If the arm stays firm the product is good for you.  The same thing happens with the pendulum, held by one person asking [from his subconscious mind] if the touched or considered product is good for me (or anyone else, for that matter).  If the pendulum rotates right-circle the product is good for you, but if it rotates left-circle it is bad for you (or anyone else, as the request may be made).


            Unfortunately some people judge radiesthesia: the pendulum, kinesiology and the like, as being of the devil, and hence a form of witch craft, and that would be, if it is true, sinful.  We thank God for a creditable record telling that the Blessed Virgin used a form of radiesthesia to find water in the desert. The source of this information is the book: The Life of the Blessed Virgin Mary, From the Visions of Anne Catherine Emmerich, published in 1954 with an imprimatur of the same year.  The book is still available from TAN Books, P.O. Box 424, Rockford, IL. 61105.  We quote from page 332.  The Holy Family was suffering from want of clean water. Joseph was about to go to a desert spring to fetch clean water.  “…when in answer to her prayer an angel appeared to the Blessed Virgin and told her to look for a spring behind their house.  I (being, Anne C. Emmerich) saw her go beyond the enclosure round their dwelling to an open space on a lower level…A very big old tree stood here.  Our Lady had a stick in her hand with a little shovel at the end of it, such as people in the country often carried on their journeys.  She thrust this into the ground near the tree, and thereupon a beautiful clear stream of water gushed forth.  She ran joyfully to call Joseph, who on digging out the spring discovered that it had been lined with masonry below, but had dried up and was choked with rubbish” and so forth.  The message is clear, and nobody will be critical of the Blessed Virgin Mary, mother of God, for this act, performed at the direction of an angel.  Simply stated, the radiesthesia is as old as the hills and as authentic [an object of creation] as the angels and the Saints.


            The burden of this article is to place radiesthesia [pendulum or kinesiology] in the hands of one and all.  Men have fouled up natural things and turned them into poison, to the degree that  concerned users of the pendulum find that about 90% of food stuffs and drinks are injurious to health, to the point of bringing on illness and early death.

            It should be obvious to any honest citizen that governments with the scientists are bamboozling the public with medications that go on the market with their approval and, months and years later, are withdrawn because there are extremely toxic, causing deaths.  The medical doctors, culpable or not, are part of the hoax, for they dispense those poisons.


            There are a number of doctors who pose as being helpful with food additives, vitamins, minerals and the like, found in Health Food Stores.  With the use of the pendulum one can learn which ones are still creditable.  Even there, bogus products frequently get mixed in with the good products. 


            Radiesthesia is also helpful in finding out diseases in the entire family.  Our dentist after using all his sophisticated  X-ray equipment and the like, still resorts to radiesthesia in his practice.  Each individual changes in his health pattern for better or for worse.  For a while one may need a certain mineral, vitamin and the like, and later that is no longer needed.  Why take the useless stuff if one does not need it, and possibly miss the food products that are needed?


            Put the pendulum (or whatever method you prefer) to work on every single thing you buy for food.  In these days when, as stated above, there are an estimated 30,000 toxins around, and there is no other method on earth by which anyone can guard his health as required by natural law,  that is, by  the Fifth Commandment of God, “Thou shalt not kill.”


            To a first time reader We tell you that you can make a pendulum with a three or four inch string and button, of any size.  Pinch the string between the thumb and first finger of any hand.  Mentally or verbally ask the question “is this good for me?”  If you  have the skill the button will rotate right circle, and if it is bad the button will rotate left circle.  You do well also, to ask if a health food involved, is needed.  That need or lack of it, changes as your health gets better or worse, and it generally differs for each and every individual.  Do this in obedience to God’s natural law with gratitude, always praising and glorifying God, in the state of sanctifying grace, and thus meriting for yourself an ever progressively advancing portion of beatific vision in heaven for ever, Amen.





If Thou take Thy grace away,

Nothing pure in man will stay,

All his good is turn’d to ill.







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