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His Holiness Pope Pius XIII 
Papal Homepage

Please excuse 2015 prelude injunction, in sky blue.  This tcc site has undergone numerous persecutions from paganisms, and is under scrutiny by these evil bastards.  They keep to cause numerous problems for the true Catholic Church.  Largest problem tcc has, is the fact that many persecute the true Catholic Church, over bogus N.O. freemasonry? Many would not seem to understand what is trully written in the Holy Scriptures, that really come true. Regardless of whom has changed which book. To understand this reality, -  is to trully pray to God with all effort, to be able to believe in, and when one does this, and one gets answered, it is in the true Divine Faith that it takes place. Converts know, they can be no part of false Catholic Churches. -  Today, the url name for this website, has been stolen twice, not just once, but twice yes. Somethings do not have to have a $ value name, to not belong to someone else.  Just recently, end of yr2013 last time. The base name for this website, is, < 1st name kept / stolen of, some say lost, - and also 2nd is ; in the end of 2013 it was stolen of....   Proper Catholic Morals would in fact support to this fact of the word stolen!  As this site, will not change.  The internet, is full of evil thieves today yes. Evil Enourmous Greed. Locking others out. By selfish judgement.   An example - Google. Pooh on double clik thefts, etc All kinds, and that should just figure of, since there is a complete lack of the true Holy Sacraments, and true Holy Virtues!    

 The tcc is still under same true catholic church, view the list of people from the home page, that have always owned?  Most Holy Mother. ???  the real tcc...  That is, if I am to say such a thing of abnormals?. (owned?) -  I do proclaim here, under trueCarpentry, that what I do mean to Jesus, is the effort to exposure of the tcc website and of His truths told.  And no, it is more than just a website, and has numerous followers in the real truth of the true divine faith. Knowingly todays corrupt evil politics, robbing the world globally. Blocking internet etc.  And that these do no penance whatsoever.   Speaking of the evil UN. also........ May God help them, in their evil governments, to learn the truth, that they are outside the one true Catholic Church.   Hence - No penance, - No forgiveness. - IS FACT. 

 In real pagan takeovers of Rome, Latest Starting recent years with evil John XXIII antichrist freemason...  (yes, there are also by way of real truths, catholics that do not comply with Rome at all today. ) for it is an organization of satans evil lies, in satanism... Pagans have always intended, to destroy His one real true Catholic Church,  and the true Divine Faith.  Bringing many, to hell, in their real true intentions.

This Prelude necessary for notifications, of downed url name, the web site online, -   which really,    is not downed at all, but is still here!                                       signed, tcc website administrator.

Please be patient for all pages to be re uploaded!  READ WORLD READ


Holy Church Mystery, North Cross

Holy Church Mystery, North Cross

And for those that have question on  "Mother of God",  truth define of Our Lord and Saviour is made in "St Paul to the Colossians".  Made by St Paul himself...  See this define as it goes like this, "Christ of his flesh, is all the Godhead."  Therefore, ie "Mother of God" or "Mother of God the Son" exceptable prayer to Our Most Blessed Holy Mother Maria.  

(further info), Pope Leo XIII th declared, Mother of God the Son, Long before, Pius XIII ever did.   A True Fact of Most Holy Mother the Church.

Office from, election October 24, 1998 to November 30th 2009 
His Service for +God's Papal Chair was

> 11yrs 1mo 6days <  - 6 days to create the world. - >  111 sign for Holy Trinity. 

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His Holiness Pope Pius XIII
All Catholics are advised to review true Catholic Faith in understanding the true office of a Vicar of Christ, and the battles it trully faces of circumstance.
"Outside the true Catholic Church, there is no salvation."
This page will remain with this website.
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