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His Holiness Pope Pius XIII 

Official Papal Portrait, July 4, 1999 
The White Smoke, Burning of the Ballots at the Conclave 
Papal Oath of Office, October 25, 1998 
First Papal Mass, October 25, 1998 
Pope Pius XIII at work 
Pope Pius XIII at prayer 
Pope Pius XIII in a moment of joy, October 25, 1998 
Episcopal Oath of Office, July 4, 1999
Imposition of the Hands, July 4, 1999
Annointing of hands, July 4, 1999
Consecration of the Host, July 4, 1999
Papal Procession and Blessing, July 4, 1999
Pope Pius XIII & Cardinal Bateman, July 4, 1999
Time of Joyful Celebration, July 4, 1999
In the Mountains of Montana, July 5, 1999
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