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Effects of the "Bible-Only" Theory
held by Protestants

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Effect of "Bible-Only" Theory
Eastern Orthodox (11 groups) seceded from Catholic Church (890-1054) 
Lutherans (20 groups) founded by Martin Luther
1523 Mennonites (17 groups) founded by several “reformers”
Protestant Episcopal, U.S. equivalent of Anglican
1560 Presbyterians (10 groups) founded by John Knox
1600 Baptists (23 branches) founded by John Smyth
1739 Methodists (19 groups) founded by John and Charles Wesley 
1827 Disciples of Christ (Christian) founded by Thomas and Alexander Campbell 
1829 Brethren, Plymouth (8 groups) founded by J. Nelson Darby 
1830 Latter-Day Saints (7 branches) founded by Joseph Smith 
1831 Adventists (5 branches) founded by William Miller 
1865 Salvation Army founded by William Booth 
1879 Church of Christ, Scientist founded by Mary Baker Eddy 
1896 Volunteers of America founded by Ballington Booth
1901 Pentecostal Assemblies (9 groups) founded by revivalists
1927 Four-Square Gospel founded by Aimee Semple McPherson
etc. And a lengthy list of others too numerous to mention.


For a full explanation of why this multiplicity of sects, see the article ---"Why Are There So Many Churches?" 

Each sect "satisfies" a small number; but does it "satisfy" God Who will have all "come to the knowledge of the truth."  (1 Tim. 2-4). 

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