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New Testament History

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First Book of New Testament was written
Last book was written. 

St. John maintained (20-30; 21-25) that Jesus did and taught very many other things not recorded in the Bible. 

St. Paul urged Christians to follow these unwritten teachings (2 Thess. 2-15 and 2 Tim. 2-2), which were transmitted by historical records. 

397 Because of bitter persecutions, etc. the New Testament was not placed under one cover until 397 A.D. – by the Catholic Council of Constantinople; if the Church was infallible then, why not also now?
Between 397 and 1140 A.D. (when printing was invented) individual Bibles written by hand were extremely scarce and costly; how then would an unwritten and unavailable New Testament fit into today’s “Bible-only” theory?
1940 The Bible remains one precious source of religious truth, which however, requires an authorized interpreter, as today’s 400 to 500 sects conclusively prove.
1955 If all or most non-Catholics everywhere gave the same interpretation of the Bible, their system might deserve consideration – but not now, when they “are tossed about by every wind of doctrine.”

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