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Translation Instructions

'How to Translate Documents on the True Catholic website'
To do this, use the home page or this one, and the google flags at the bottom of that page. Only those specific languages are availible via computer translation.

Our human translation links for specific pages.

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To: Spanish French German Portuguese Italian
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The Truth Available to All

While the primary language of the True Catholic website is English, the Church recognizes that those of other tongues should also have this information.    As the Holy See does not yet have access to scores of translators, we provide you with an alternative, namely, the use of a “translation program,” several of which are available for free via internet, We are posting A set of Flaged Links in the Java language to do this so that all can easily view the other languages to all the sites pages. Simply stay in the home page link of flags via the Google service, and all the site can be translated and viewed in your home language. 

How Effective is the Translation?

A “computer translation program” falls short of a good human translator, because the program typically cannot interpret the subtle nuances and idioms of the original language.  The translated document from such a “program” may and will have sentences, phrases, and words which do not translate well.  Nevertheless, we present this alternative as a way for the other languages to at least be able and availible to get the flavor of the original linguistic. 

Other Web translators besides Google.

These are basic instructions on accessing the and web translators.  More detailed instructions are on those sites for your own computer private translators.
  • and then click on the link "Translator."  The next page allows you to Paste the text to be translated into the box, and select the languages, From and To.
  • and then enter the URL of the page you wish to be translated, or the text you wish translated, and the translation From - To (Example: English to German).

Limitations at those home pages.

Some of the web “translator programs” have a size limit of the page being translated.  If you attempt to translate text which exceeds this size, the remaining portions of the text can be translated via the “copy & paste” method. It is best to use a program which allows the most possible words per translation.  In comparing the 2 websites, we recommend for the pasting method, since the number of words is unlimited (almost), whereas has a limit of 150 words per translation.  However, will allow you to paste the URL of a web page and get that entire page translated.

Commercial Translator Products

There are software programs (commercial products) available also, but for these one would pay licensing fee.  The choice to do that is left with each reader, and we make no attempts to evalutate the effectiveness of such products, nor to recommend one over another. 


At present, the True Catholic website has established a Spanish-Menu page, which has approved translations done by a good Spanish person.  We pray that the number of these will increase for the benefit of the Spanish-speaking world. 


It is the goal of the true Holy See to increase the number of approved translations and deliver a Menu driven program in each of the main languages on this site, namely, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, and Italian to start with…  

 … for the greater honor and glory of +God and the salvation of souls, until then and at that time, one can use the computer generated translator modules of Google at home page or below for several types of the other languages.  Simply left click on any of the countrys flags in Java translator below, then keep using the links inside those same new opened pages, and translations will follow thru for all pages of the entire tcc site hopefully.

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