Methods & Logistics for Conducting The Conclave
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Wherefore the Lord sent among the people fiery serpents, which bit them and killed many of them.


9 Moses therefore made a brazen serpent, and set it up for a sign: which when they that were bitten looked upon, they were healed.


And the light of the moon shall be as the light of the sun, and the light of the sun shall be sevenfold, as the light of seven days: in the day when the Lord shall bind up the wound of his people, and shall heal the stroke of their wound.

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  The failed Vicar, Book of Isaias, with Fallen Trade Centers.


Since valid Electors come from many parts of the globe, it is necessary for "The Conclave" committee to provide for methods of a conducting the balloting that are fair, secure and practical.  While it would be preferable to hold a conclave in one central place with all the participants present physically, the reality for many Electors is that this is simply not feasible today.  Accordingly, this page presents the methods which will be used to proceed with a Conclave Central to elect the Vicar of Christ. 


The Election will be conducted in the English language.  English is the most recognized language in the world and some even consider it the second language (after Latin) of the Catholic Church today.  Most all of the Electors that we know of today speak English and so it is right and valid for the use of English.  Should any Elector not speak English, he or she is authorized to use a trusted translator of his or her choice. 

Place of Conclave

"The Conclave" organizing committee will meet in person in one central location in order to conduct the conclave, to ensure the validity of the process, the authenticity of each vote, and to check and cross-check and confirm the votes.  Such a site will be announced well prior to The Conclave so that the organizing committee will have sufficient time to arrange travel.   This is because the balloting will be done primarily via electronic means (computer) and require cross-checking by each of the committee members. 

Security - Elector's Voting Codes

Each Elector will be sent, well prior to the conclave, a sealed envelope containing the voting codes.  Each Elector will have a different set of codes, and each code is different for each ballot.  If an Elector submits a ballot without the correct voting code for that ballot, the vote is not accepted.  This security is intended to prevent fraudulent voting by un-authorized persons.  The Elector Codes will be sent via surface mail or distributed via a Local Coordinator to prevent fraudulent interception.  Each Elector MUST notify the Conclave Committee on receipt of the Voting Codes as soon as they are received.  In addition, each elector must secure his/her own Voting Codes until the Conclave.  Even members of the Elector's own family may NOT have access to the Elector's Voting Codes.   If the Elector at any time thinks that his/her Voting Codes have been compromised, that Elector is to notify the organizing committee as soon as possible, and new codes will be issued.  For more details, see the Security Page

Logistics for Each Ballot


Each ballot must include: 
    • The Elector's Name
    • The Ballot Number
    • The Voting Code for that Elector for that Ballot
    • The name of the person for whom the Elector is voting.
    • The return information of the Elector, such as Phone number, or EMAIL Address, or Skype Name, Number.



The email address of "The Conclave" will be provided on the DATA sheet to Electors prior to the TEST and REAL vote. This EMAIL address is NOT to be used prior to the Conclave, except for testing on the part of each Elector using EMAIL, to confirm that each Elector has the correct EMAIL address and that the EMAIL is received by the Conclave Committee. 

As a BACKUP procedure in the event of a computer failure or an ISP failure at either the Elector Location or at Conclave Central, an Elector who would normally use EMAIL would revert to VOICE or FAX votes, and thus should be prepared for both. 

The text form for EMAIL voting to be used on each ballot is on the page entitled, "EMAIL Conclave Vote."  


PHONE VOICE;  The phone number(s), primary and backup, for VOICE voting will be available on the DATA sheet, and will be provided to Electors prior to the TEST and REAL vote.  During a PHONE VOICE vote, there shall be no idle chatter nor discussion of the Ballot in progress.  The VOICE vote shall be quick and to the point, and shall be directed by the Conclave committee so as not to tie up the phone line. 

During the REAL vote, a VOICE vote must be "said" 3 times, once to each of the Conclave Committee Members to ensure correct hearing and cross-validation. Logistics

  1. The Conclave Committee will announce the start of the Conclave voting to the exact date and time 1 month prior.  All times will be given in GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) to allow for a global set of electors.  Therefore, if an Elector is not familiar with GMT, he/she MUST become familiar with this international time well before the start of the Conclave.  The Conclave Committee will also give the times in the USA in Eastern Time, and in Australia in ?? time.   See Time Table
  2. Electors must review the resumes of the Papabile which are available on the secure directory of the True Catholic website and also distrbuted in the package mailed to registered Electors.  l be no shorter than 24 hours between bEach Elector should have either PHONE and/or FormEMAIL and/or SKYPE capability for the entire duration of the Conclave, which could last several hours or several weeks.  Only God knows.
  3. Each ballot will be given a "Ballot-Due" date and time, which shall be no shorter than 24 hours between ballots. a number of unsuccessful ballots be completed, the Conclave Committee has the authority to change the necessary margin for election.
  4. For each ballot, the Conclave Committee will verify the authenticity of each vote and tally the vote and announce the detailed results to the Electors via the Results Page of this secure directory of the True Catholic website and via VOICE or EMAIL or FAX. 
  5. The oFor each ballot, the Conclave Committee will verify the authenticity of each vote and tally the vote and announce the detailed results to the Electors via the Results Page of this secure directory of the True Catholic website and via PHONE or FORMEMAIL or SKYPE 
  6. The organizing committee will inform a papabile when he has received the necessary 2/3 vote and ask is he accepts the office. and subsequently to the world.
  7. If no papabile has received 2/3 vote of the Electors, the organizing committee will, via EMAIL or FAX, announce the detailed vote to the Electors, and the "Ballot-Due" date and time for the next ballot.
  8. This process will continue unIf no papabile has received 2/3 vote of the Electors, the organizing committee will, via EMAIL SKYPE and MIRC, announce the detailed vote to the Electors, and the "Ballot-Due" date and time for the next ballot.  Any Questions use the email form page please.
  9. This process will continue until God gives us a pope.  When God feels it is the time.

Timings of Balloting me.  The balloting will have a Due Date & Time send out for each ballot.  For those requiring a quick tutorial of GMT, you can find it referenced on the page entitled "Timezones" on this secure website. 

As this Conclave process is entirely new to all of us, and since we are working in a global environment, we can only give a best guess as to how long it will take to run a ballot, verify authenticity, tally the results, cross-check the results, inform the Electors of the results of each ballot, inform a person who has received the necessary 2/3 vote, and schedule the next ballot.  We ask your patience and understanding if the process is delayed for any unforeseen cirumstances.  We are working in an electronic environment and we all know that electronic things such as computers, faxes and telephone lines can and do break.  We should start now in praying to the Holy Ghost and to our patron, Pope St. Pius V, to assist in keeping things running smoothly. 

We will keep the Electors informed to the best of our ability with the Holy Ghost guiding our every move. 

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