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You will recieve our updated Newsletters in the early spring, summer and fall, which has numerous hints on repair carpentry's of the correct ways and proper proceedures to accomplish it all well.  And with our discount coupons for some our services.  Yes, some furniture building.  And as always, anything you dont believe you want to do yourselves, we do it in the same way and manner that we prescribe it to be done of, on our site, and in our newsletters with true Catholic care.  Once again, Just write in the message box, please subscribe me of the Contact us link above, and that's it.  We then keep you up to date on any new type releases of our carpentry repairs and as always, you are welcome to view the photos on our service pay page...    TrueCarpentry, the only online Carpenter in the wake of the true Catholic Church, a true friar,  that works in the true virtue of patients.   Please feel free to ask us any questions of our other services on this site while subscribing to the unity of the true Carpenter Newsletter and still true Catholic Church. 

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