EXAMPLEs proven by distances driven

chevy truck, 1996 model

This vehicle was getting 24 miles to the gallon.  It is a 1/2 ton chevy truck v6 engine,

Upon installation of only one 16 electrode set tc1Hydro, to a normal alternator,  and driven over the distance also shown below, the truck increased to 34.26 mpg.

running at only 25 amps.

Upon long journey, the truck was tried again and it ran the whole distance in cool mode, not overheating,

also in 110 degree temperatures if I may add, and, our speeds were at 75mph just about the whole distance, 1500 miles from the state of Washington to the state of Arizona,  to measure the savings above.

tcHydro Kit units are normaly shipped with all install instructions, and just about anyone can install one that has a few hand tools. 

No, its not a miracle,  just REAL thermodynamics.

Blue lines above are about the size of the unit, where you cannot see it in the picture, but it is there.


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