Saint Thomas Aquinas & Church Fathers CDrom




This is lay state put together of the true Church's Great Saint Thomas Aquinas all his Writings hyper linked to the true Church Fathers writtings, and the Douay Rheims of 1609 so you dont just get the Church and its Great Saints writings, but also the Church Fathers along with the Douay Rhiems text and several valid doctrines of unchanged manuscript. 

This is only availible on a CD rom and must be asked by the true Catholic Church a sent donation of 15$ for single copy to pay for the CD materials and container. Please be patient for your shipment, item ships next day always or next working day, exclude weekends.

15 Holy Mysteries of the Holy Rosary






To install, simply copy all files to your chosed directory path on your hard drive, Simular to the Cathen Install of Kevin Knight.  New Advent ; But not the same.

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