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"Radionics (Definition 1):
Radionics is the utilisation of an unusual energy or energies in devices to produce natural phenomenon or effects. J.G.Gallimore

Radionics (Definition 2):
System of alternative medicine developed by Dr Albert Abrams, who believed that diseased body tissue affected the nervous system and gave forth 'dull emanations'. Abrams believed electronic phenomena were involved with this, and he invented a variable resistance instrument called a 'black box' to measure the ohm resistance of different diseases on an electronic circuit. He found for example, that cancer produced a 50 ohm resistance, while syphilis had a 55 ohm resistance. Abrams later modified his technique so he could take readings from a drop of blood. In 1924 a committee established by the Royal Society of Medicine investigated Abrams techniques and were favourably impressed. Today Radionics and its cousin Radiesthesia (medical dowsing) are recognised in Europe as legitimate medical procedures.

There are two reasons why the USA has made laws against Radionics:

1. It works, but not in a way totally understood, either by the academic community or by the practitioners themselves.

2. It works and produces miracle cures in man, plants, animals and outdates existing sciences if it is understood. Therefore, the 'lobbies' in Washington representing the commercial applications of existing sciences force laws against Radionics to preserve existing sciences and the large sums of money invested in them to create our present technology and preserve the jobs of millions which might be lost if indeed Radionics was used to achieve the same results.

Note: Radionics can be used to transmit positive, healing and also negative, destructive energies.

Is better to understand this also, by investigations into what is called Radioisotopes, the actual isotope values determine source of currents of differ electrical fields for radiethiesa. Such as, elements as carrier.  In some cases, this science has been misunderstood by many who have come across it and have attempted use without the full study knowledges of its type format currents and its truths.



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