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2010-2017 2018 true Catholic Church Election Conclave...



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Anyone not entering exact user name and password, giving by the true Catholic Church to you, will not be able to enter the tcc Conclave pages, with papal canidates, electors, etc, listings, and the election voting status itself with actual Web Form voting...

THIS Conclave starts upon completion of IHM Council. All Votes are IP indentifiable by this form system.  Anyone that is included on the electors list using this Web Form to vote with must vote from their same computer and service provider system, that was excepted of by the tcc IHM form here, for the electors themselves, the acceptance form application ip indentifiable. Or Vote will be void by matter of non matching IP addresses to the network.   Please note, this section will only be fully operational at the exact same time and moment giving of by the true Catholic Church for the specifed dated papal election itself.  If you have changed your ISP since you filled out the IHM or CV form to be in the tcc and council, then you must use the contact email to permit the tcc to know this knowledge so to realign the IP numerals to match your correct position, name, and ISP.  See form example page.

May all keep the true holy sanctifying grace of Our Almighty +God with you. & In the true light of the Real Holy Ghost.  Please once again, do not vote from this online pole if you intend to use a differ ISP system without notify to us, as all IP addresses are monitored by Software at the tcc server for a true outcome of this conclave papal election. 
 "Outside the true Catholic Church, there is no Salvation"

Per Omnia Saecula Saeculorum Amen. 

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