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true Catholic Church

Anyone is welcome to enter this Council Session and ask us polite questions on Holy Sundays
Caution; If you do not give email address inside the room,
Your profession of faith will be deleted by us and very ignored.
Our Forms are down and are not currently working due to move of the website itself to a
more reputable server.   Please bear with that.  One may still make profression of the true Faith through our email.

Laypeople are permitted to enter the council room and chat without any application form.
But should fill out the form to join us under +God in His true one holy Catholic Church, When it is operable, and profess the true faith.
Only sincere serious minded people should come inside the room..  or fill out the form we do send to your email. (temporary until form is working)
  Use (tcc) as password key to enter the room if needed, it can be a private channel. depending on trouble we recieve.
Room link is below for .htm   enter

- EFNET -   click


If above efnet server is not working html,  try downloading a chat program,
We recommend

I N S T R U C T I O N ' S  

Please enter in Channel Slot Channel Name (in yellow>) if it is not there link above - click other       poke in key (tcc) after the # IHM'Council
name for private channel if needed!......without the brackets.   Then enter in a handle name for yourself instead of the garbage that is displayed in the room as representing you. 
Yes, you may use your real name.
There is nothing wrong with truth.
We try to use our name, but it seems to always be taken on the server, so bear with us as to what name you will see us under.

Useful by those who wish to join this conversation on the Apocalypse today,
And enter into the council room itself,  for real time connection; but is not mandatory the Council... Only for those
that want to understand what is going on about a true Pope and when he may be able to be elected... which is something God does, not man.

Minor update infos of the conferences is availible through email, but very nominal short, upon request.  As to what is going on at God's TCC.  -
 Instructions guide to other IRC softwares that is linked below w MIRC can be given
inside the Mirc chat Room by request of, or in any private room via tcc room, by irc itself, or u may ask us via in an email mirc questions.  email trueCatholic Church  

This all of course is Prior to any Actual true Visual Events that may take their place.  IHM, Immaculate Heart of Maria.  
 The true Visual Event Locations may be issued OUTSIDE the USA yes if they do happen, Anywhere in this world via 2027 perhaps if not sooner, it will be,
Of course, at a later time and date then. -  The reason for this is the truths of the true Holy Scriptures.  And Only to those who are inside the true Catholic Church.  
A very triumphant church.   Later time will be announced of if so by us here when it is known, and hopefully when it is
really possible perhaps after the recognition of My true God;  and of His true holy things.  (the true Holy Scriptures DRB)

THE Ahead Grace anouncement Time already is gone now and deleted, 
Announcement was hereby given start of this council,
It was 4 months prior MADE to its first START of itself,  this IHM'Council
announced the day and date by this council itself. 
        By the order  of the Cardinal Fr +Joseph Lorenz O.F.M,  S.T.D. 
Council is still in session
    START ENTRY DATE JULY week - 3rd day of  month - 2011
Time of an actual CLOSE ENTRY DATE Still Adjustable Pending, and up to a late of the year 2051  if so necessary.
This all be by the True order of Saint Francis. And yes, we shall explain that in the council room.  See the home page linked document of; 
Prophecy of a Destroyer, of by the great Saint Francis of Assisi himself on this website.

a CLOSE ENTRY DATE does not mean complete conclusions of IHM Council Majesterium. This Council is expected to take legitmate amounts of time, and proper form (it is non limited by importance of the council  itself at this time for true Clergy members orders only of by the tcc, Do not bypass what that means,  SEE, ST John VERSE 20, Protestants ALL are accepted in the council room, protestants also, and reason is todays paganism of the apocalyptic situation.     This by order of a true Pope and by its Circumstance.

IHM Council mIRC software is weekly used time Via Now  Sunday of the week ,  Time is set below on world famous  
Universal Time - Zulu - Z GMT, time for sychronizing your watch with all Western and Eastern watches. 
This side of the Zulu.  Other side of Zulu, please use pdf Map below and world time Converter for your time.

 So if you go in the link above,
and you do not find the room itself  (IHM'Council) then you are in the room at the wrong time.....

Warning, their are mandatory rules, 10 commandments, plus God's precepts... All those with any obnoxious non catholic non Christian,
foul type speech or behavior INSIDE the IRC Channel chat Room or any channels, to obstruct of this council,
for this council reason to succeed, will so be booted off from the Channel and all affilated channels all together,
with disbar to IHM Council Magisterium, yes all together.  It would also include the Physical Visual Event. 

 Please note; No Exceptions.  No Re entry possible upon channel operator without true apologetics.   
"The Same" will be expected of and enforced to at actual true visible time events of occur, of themself in visible real world, on
any part of this council room.   IHM Council Majesterium....  Hint, God Knows All Things. 

TEN COMMANDMENTS, in use of real chosen police security, subject to God inside this council.  NO, non valid Freemasonic police will be used.
Making use of paganisms freemasonic names inside the council room is very forbbiden.  Yes It will bar you from the Council Room.
In the true of, real virtue's of understanding ; to tcc itself & the ignorant public;  all shall pay the trueCarpenter of this world in the very end. 
Whether they want to, or not. - for - There is no such thing as free.

IF speaking in another than the english language's, you may use like a google translator at your own risk. 

We shall translate text at this end if it is needed AMAP. But please use english as much as possible in the Council Room.


Downloads of MIRC Software for IRC chat     mIRC v7.1 for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7   USE THIS LINK > MIRC

mIRC v6.35 For OLDER Real Operating systems such as Windows98se, 98 ME, and others , USE THIS LINK > MIRC

mIRC usage;  Use via connect to  EFnet SERVER on the IRC CLIENT SOFTWARE, or use link at the top of this page....  /join the IHM'Council  name in that server, Specific, CASE SENSITIVE as in the yellow. You Type it in then hit the enter button. 2+ hrSundays.  You must use a handle name and all Clergy members are expected to give this name to us here, at contact of the IHM' Circulum Form Resume for apply

God Only Has, One Holy Bible


Disscussion can be in multiple languages also using google translate copy bing copy bar...

 Use paste actions from google site on IRC CLIENT...  You may ask us for web links inside the chat room or via  email trueCatholic Church    



 Skype is no longer being used.   Only IRC...  mIRC, etc etc.    It is now Microsoft Old Skype, and this software is not in conjunciton of justice of the freedom of speech laws anymore within the United States Country, and its true US Constitution.  Thus it was updated and old versions all deleted of from usages on the interent by the pig 666 Microsoft...  When they perfomed this horrible, Communism, We the true Catholic Church decided against its usages any longer at all for our purposes here at the tcc. Only on IRC clients efNet will the council room continue of in the online atmosphere....Until the everyone is on new RetroShare open source platform, a new email system.  This system is flaw free from corporation detections and abuses, we do stress you to read about the death of email and the communism inflicted upon the United States and entire world today.

 Italianos may use this Version IRC Italia Linguisitcs Software.  All downloads are at your own risk,

and do not need to be used.  Link above will take you straight into the Council Room and also has

other Languages on it for operation of itself.  We still supply the old mIRC if prefered.

Italiano mIRC version 6.35 - Windows 98se, 98 ME, XP and 2000

Sometimes via saturdays we be online yes.  no time sychronize...  

We do request members to be in the room with us.  but is never mandatory.

Western Sychronization Time Simplified

Counci is held on SUNDAY's Each and Every SUNDAY AT the SAME TIME.  Pacific American 12pm

24 hr clock quoted ------------------------------------=------TIME-------=----------------------------------------12 hr clock quoted.
Council Time Session Below, quoted
  'Sunday's'   See below image map and converter for all other clock times.
&n &n 
UTC  'Z'ulu  time Africa; >  19:00:00span> - 21:30:00  -  Sunday Evenings;    -  HRs MINs Sec. -   7 pm  -  9:30 pm  ZULU TIME

Sunday's >>>

Our Time is >>>  MT or Seattle in below Calculator / 'UT' on the pdf map'   time; >  12:00:00 - 14:30:00  -   HRs MINs Sec. -     12pm  -  2:30pm

CENTRAL    'S'    time; >     14:00:00 - 16:30:00  -   HRs MINs Sec. -  2pm  -  4:30pm   

ATLANTIC  'R'   time; >  16:00:00 - 18:30:00  -    HRs MINs Sec. -    3pm5:30pm

BRAZILIAN   'P'    time; >  17:00:00 - 19:30:00  -    HRs MINs Sec. -   5pm  -  7:30pm

ALASKIAN    'V'    time; >   11:00:00 - 13:30:00  -    HRs MINs Sec. -  11am - 1:30pm 

Map is 2400 hour time clock p>

Download World Time Zone Map for sychronizing your time...    pdf  > Time Zone Map


World Time Converter


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