Condolence for Late Holy Father Pope Pius XIII.
from All the true Catholic Church.

By the faithful remnant...

Condolence Remembrance to HOLY FATHER Pius XIIIth...!  Have courage Vicar of Jesus Christ, for your reward is great and full of virtue, for you are in Our true God'- Holy, Truly, A Holy Fathers chosen one, of his true elect. Who is he? Pius XIIIth. Praise him for he has done great things for life, and Most Holy Mother the Church: He has been tried and found intent perfect, and shall hopefully and will have glory everlasting. He may have sinned, and did not sin. Therefore good work is established well in the Lord Jesus Christ, and in all the church of Her true Saints. They shall declare the good works of the Almighty. God will call Only those, His friends, giving place in true Sanctifying Grace, as the minister of a Holy Mystery true order, giving an everlasting peaceful name. Which never parishes. "Who can describe the beauty of an innocent soul. Such soul is splendidly Blessed, like one adorned with the white's of Baptism. Like divine jewels, of union with The Holy Trinity. Walking lightly on the way to eternity,  a road adorned with His stars. The living tabernacle of Almighty God, He shed around the torrents of light, which clothed the faithful with the brilliance of Almighty God. Choir is blessed sung and heard with sweet sounds of the music of angels, from Heaven above, echoing of and from to his prayers. "He was given Keys of Heaven" from,  the true Papacy, to save the priesthood. The seven Sacraments, & Seven fruits of the Holy Ghost.  Full of all truths teaching Most Holy Mother the true Church.  In the light of faith and morals, in the light of the Divine Graces." He became The Holy Father , and in charming light to the millions of souls of Saints and people in latter days, and the blessed spirits, whom received and welcomed to him. In his unapproachable splendor of to his own God's glory, through the wisdom of Christ, he pointed out with God the Son's right hand, the true throne that prepared for the true Church, through like the Peter II, while in his left hand, held the shining Crown of the true Papacy, adorned with Him Our True God forever, "Glory be to The Father and to the Son and to the Holy Ghost as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end, Amen."

The true Catholic remnant will always be united with him. Using the true Virtues and the Virtue of Understanding.

O Divine Heart of Jesus, in the flame of which is within me, with thy Love of Thy Divine Sacred Heart, of thy fire in thy Divine Love of thine Heart, which Thou camest forth with to bring to us from heaven down upon to this earth, and to enkindle into my heart and soul.  May my soul thus become as thine Divine true holy altar, for you of thy only Divine Love, on which I may offer up to thee of these the true holy sacrifices.  That yes, I live no not I, no more, but Jesus Christ who liveth in me. For yet my body is in the temple of my Lord, of God The Father, God The Son, and God The Holy Ghost.   Amen.  


Prayer quoted by and modified by T.J.C. then by Daniel of  Spiritual Bouquet: laity.   God Bless you always. PS; Pope Pius XIII he suffered Dementia aproximently 3 years prior to his death. Getting worse at the end.  Due to bad foods of a bad world. Thus final decisions - opinions - notions, were made by misjudgement of memory.  This is a organic cerebral disorder of the mind by deterioration. It has nothing to do with sacred intentions of the true soul. Thus, He was a true Papal Pope.  Of the Holy One God the Father Almighty.


May he rest in peace.

  In Jesus, Maria, & St Joseph.  With Saint Francis...



Born 1918 

Elected to the Papacy 10/24/1998

Died  11/30/2009  


Funeral photo


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