Flame Arrestor zz1

Quality Version 

This Flame arrestor is necessary for stopping unwanted explosions.

This is our zz1 put together flame arrest product.

It is high quality built, and has many time usage, of which the ezz model just does not offer.

 then maybe needing repair if necessary?

Sometimes, it is better this way, to use the best, for your ignition sources of flames close to your hydrogen supply's.

If you notice on a bbq grill, there is an oxygen hole before you get to the actual flame installed in the pipe.

Hydrogen is simular of its nature, but much lighter.

Still, same sequence apply's in usage of air type gasses for fuel.

So upon installations of your hydrogen fuel cell generators, one may wish to put saftey margin in between

them and their knowledge.   tc1hydro flame arrest zz1 can do that for you, at affordable cost.

Giving you much usages after being warned by explosions.

tc1Hydro zz1 is made of high quality ABS -1  type material, and is capable of sustainted heats up to 250 degrees,

thats is good stopping power!   Most 1/4" and  5/16"  transfer lines do not contain that much heat in transfer of a flame.


Flame Arrest zz1

ZZ1 photo A

 Product is ABS-1 '   1-1/2  inch (38.1mm) ID round  Nibco  with   End Cap's  and  5/16 inch (8.33mm) OD  - Dango  Brass Barbs.

6-1/4  inch length total,  fully wire meshed with perf disc.

We offer money back as our warranty expresses  (on site purchases only.)

Our Disclaimer is simply this,  Use of this product for what the product is intended for, or void 

all claims and warranty that have been made of, on this site.


ZZ1 photo B

comes with mounting bracket ...!

Price   $ 29.50

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