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This 'thermodynamic.us product 1iwbw/patent, is quality development.


A future built to suit needs, of a Tesla unit, and to help the owner make their own way onward with it later on, afterwards, - without loss of his/her first initial investment into the product itself.


We decided it was very important that when a person purchases a new product that is not so well known of

to the public, such as thermodynamics, that it is important that the product will sell itself user friendly to them later on in time.


What is tesla?   see the video

a true star trek fuel saving adventure.


Because so many are not familiar with true thermodynamics, electrodynamics, or spending enormous moneys on gasoline fuel, we here at truecarpentry decided

to create a good working model, that is good in partial savings fast at first, but then will also same time,  be supporting itself to the end user of the product in later on time of the add on to it, Tesla. Yes, a true workhorse.    Making itself save them even more later on, from when they first purchased it.


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Its, Thermodynamic.


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Replacement Parts availible online from our non communist parts pages.


Custom parts, also can be manufactured from us here @ thermodynamic.us


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