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Our Model, in production since 1999, is built on some of the same Calculation's as a Hydrostar unit.

With Newton  Nasa data adjustments for proper regression math calculation  modification. Yes, faster separations of H20 into Orthohydrogen, & Oxygen Fuel.  Some people call this funny names, like Hydroxy Fuel. The real name for it is, Flammable Air - This Kit also supports several different type electrode assemblies, of interchangeble intergration electrode sets, (see animation),  a good best designed electrolyser cell, with choice of saftey unit or fire in the hole maintain adapter. YES, so easy, even mom can do it...


 Kit below comes complete with modify one of three differ electrode type installed sets, 

 all supporting 12 differs of intergrations.   The 3 Kits are, !


8 ' 16  set,

24 arc 32 QUAD  set.

or tc3b tcHydro, a larger 2" cylindrical ss316 set.  For larger pickup trucks.

Parts for these units, or just  a - single cell unit, no/kit, -can also be purchased from the parts pages.

  Holds 1 full Liter of water tcHydro... runs distances 30 - 50 miles (boosteds)  or 70 miles n/b low amp version install /  before refilling water is needed . See water tank kit for extra long distance no stop, for over the road drivers...!


(example) Percentage savings on a small V*8 engine based 30% average minumal, a single unit, low amps, with one #32990 kit, more to intergrations. &

 Highway City driving split @ 65% 35% tested. @ using 15 amps electrolysis catalyst mix. "TESTED on paved road"

MPG Calculator



City driving is less economic, under thermodynamic law's also. FACT

Hwy better than city is not only topic of this subject.   One may obtain higher or lower gas saving other than this

depending on application, installation, type of vehicle used.  

Position on the globe, what amperes are used, also the driving conditions increase decrease savings factors.   

We cannot warranty mileages because of so many factors and the false standards,

including the evaporating ethanols purposely laced into gasoline fuels, to rob you at the pump, yes, in differ percentages.

Colder climates tend to reduce efficiency,  if using alcohol additives for de icing. (Alaska) Hint, USE MORE AMPS.

 Heater wire wraps, we do recommend more so, and it can remove some inefficiency yes...!

Just as in the real fuel cells of NASA's, Our Electrolyzer Units, do work best at

their hottest moments. Heat is very welcome even in the summer in all our units.

These units do handle 250 Farhenheit...  OVER AND OVER,

 So do feel free to send them the high amperes.


Some Performance Data Stats;    4 cylinder     6 cylinder     8 cylinder     example


Some our lab and road test work is done on two differ makes GM / FORD - both American standard sized products.V*8 engines.


We advise use of protective lead additives, even in vehicles that are without using any hydrogen, to protect valves in older cars from robbed octanes and added ethanols. Destruction of an engine is not the way to drive. See example The CD-2 COATING  protection help... 1 bottle cd2 helps tc1 or tc3 hydros for good protections, keeping coated seats for valves in four stroke engines.  


This Particular Model tc1 has been road tested -  10+ years.

with all upgrades in place for better performances.

See parts pages for average maintain time's of power electrode. 

ask about "fire in the hole" comparison , for tc1 model easy maintain.


- short disclaimer to our buyers -

Any one,  using other than water inside our units, for hydrogen fuel flammable air production,

 voids all claims made of here and on this website, including warranty. 


Product code 1iwbw / Patent Pending.

  Before adding second units...  Please apply use

other electrode type sets intergration for your added quicker fuel manufacturing and space savings.


PRODUCT Guaranteed to produce safe quick fuel flammable air seperations of H2O - ie water,  into H & O gas

Giving you the Data Stat Page increase to your fuel dollars.

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We comply to all ASTM standards...


KIT Purchases below Include ;

Jam Full Install Kit.

NASA Quality Built.

Below buttons must have proper quantity to

be honored. Prices Shown are for each Single Kit.   

Use Contact us for any questions.  These are also our only discounts for large orders.

  Please be specific USPS or UPS carriers. 

Sometimes, customers, will have to add extra shipping amounts with the

add extra shipping button below for their choice of a faster shipping.

Outside US, please use Contact us before purchase for shipping prices check .



All kits below are new "Fire in the Hole Model Kits"  for easy maintain. /p>


tc1Hydro Kit 8 arc 16 set with Full Install Kit  #32990  

 Shipping & Handling specify USPS or UPS   

140 ampere rated...  


tc1Hydro Kit 16 set Discount






tc1Hydro Kit BOOSTED 24 arc 32 Quad type ...with Full Install Kit  #32991  

Shipping & Handling specify USPS or UPS   

 200 ampere rated...      

tc1Hydro Quad Kit Discount





- tc3b BOOSTED 3/4 ton truck and up - with Full Install Kit -   # 32995   

 Shipping & Handling specify USPS or UPS

240 ampere rated...      


tc3b Kit's Discount




Interchangable Intergration Works on All Models


 BiG RiG 18 wheelers,  ask for the special custom built tc3HYDRO, Handles extra High Amps. 

Ask questions from email  Contact us form.    

See photos of BiG RiG models from our parts page.


international orders accepted, > added shipping & handling required <  Contact us     

Then add slight extra shipping charges with red outlined button below pay pal.

Caution,  Countries such as UK do charge duty Custom fees, Warning

These packaged Kits are weight aproximate at 10-24 lbs.


 Use a

e$conversion calculator 

international curencys


WE also accept, USPS money orders or bank cashiers checks for this item in the postal mail system...

? Contact us  first please for payment of snail mail sending information.



Please Economy, give normal 3-10 days shipping time inside United States.

Outside United States, give 3 - 21 days roughly... (normally USPS shipped )


Large orders require handling time.


WE always ship UPS or USPS depending upon availibiltiy & request.

Shipping can be adjusted for express shipments with add extra shipping button above.

Price includes regular United States shipping and insurances, hidden web links

on CD and password, for extra maintain it yourself installations & construction hints.


  Kit is complete with installation instruction manual w/CAD schematic.

All parts of tchydro are with warranty 1 yr with names distributions lists below from our international suppliers.

WE only use high quality parts made from high quality suppliers. 

Some vary slightly from list, but list is always appended updated.


Unit Housing ABS-1 material, built to stats for heat and pressure limits at astm website.


CAUTION , >  ITEM pays for itself, then pays you...' Saving  % of BIG Fuel $ Dollars ' !!!

To All installers & users, know your heat & amp limits, before your type installations, and your type usages.

Do Use the DC wiring table.


See Video of smaller type dry cell usages in goverment city vehicles...


dont wait they dont.



See Service Carpentry page for our service AREA MAP.... 

To have us install, please use Contact us for quotes leaving your type of vehicle and your

local address for correct labor charge amounts.  - We do cars, mini vans, suvs, tiny trucks.  Pickup trucks and Big Rigs.

 Suv's labor starts at $649.00 (does not include kit)

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Installations require prepayment.



List of distribution suppliers parts


 see suppliers PWMs  if desired of by you owners... 

Design of tcHydro units do not necessarly require Pulse Width Modulation units for making more Hydrogen Fuel faster..

Though it is up to the consumer if wanted of to apply these electronics, for perfection of quicker production response time.

The tc3b and tc3Hydro DBS (Double Barrel Shotgun) models are models that are tip to wall designed constructions, but not full 100 % requirement to have a PWM unit needed for this type of design, as in such of the sandwich wall to wall type designed construction units. ie>(Battery designed electrolysers.)  We do not make battery designed plate to plate electrolysers because of this reason of poor performance.  If a battery was wanted, we would just buy a battery, and do believe all other people in this world would do the same.



tc1Hydro Specifications

MODEL #32990 #32991 #32995 #32996  tc3Hydro 
Fire in Hole n/y capable, do add 6.5" in length n/y capable, do add 6.5" in length n/y capable, do add 6.5" in length n/y capable, do add 9.5" in length
Out Dia. 4" / 10.16cm 4" / 10.16cm 4" / 10.16cm 5" / 12.7cm   cus 7" / 17.78cm

In Dia.

3" / 7.62cm 3" / 7.62cm 3" / 7.62cm 4" / 10.16cm cus 6" / 15.24cm
Elect Weight 1 lb 4oz 2 lbs 8 oz 3 lbs 1oz 5 lbs 6oz custom
Amperes 0 - 40 dc 0 - 90 dc 0 - 120 dc 0 - 200 dc
Height 16.5" /  41.91cm 16.5" / 41.91cm 16.5" / 41.91cm adjustable to 4 ft / 121.92cm
Width 4.5" / 11.43cm 4.5" / 11.43cm 4.5" / 11.43cm adjustable to 7 inch /  17.78cm


tc1Hydro Kit's come with & Include

1 tcHydro ABS bottle sensor/brass barbs/inner electrodes.

1 ZZ1 Flame Arrestor w/bracket

20 ft 12gauge awg.     12 ft 12gauge awg.

dc40 ac20 amp switch with water level indicator &/mounting bracket.

30 amp FUSE HOLDER w/ 30amp fuse.

Quality Ampere 60a Gauge with mounting bracket hardware/illuminate

Temperature 250F Gauge with mounting bracket hardware/illuminate

12 ft of #18 gauge awg for sensor to temp gauge.

1 package assorted wire connectors & terminals.

10 ft of 7/16od 5/16id Clear Line hydrogen transfer.

20 ft of 1/4od frost transfer for trunk install.


1 Clamp Hanger, 2 Hose Clamps Stainless Steel

NEW , 1 A41 - A40 Brass transfer valve (Not shown in picture) .

1  Purolator -  pv1016 ,  Steel check valve.

1 3/8s t connector and 1 1/4inch special T connectors...

1 set  install instructions with CAD electrical schematic.

1 extra POWER ELECTRODE stainless, (for extra miles/km) exclude tc3b.

1 cd rom with/instructions, links, passwords for interchange hints.


See our service link for money order mailing address & our service installation area.

All orders receive Invoice receipt, tracking #s and are with shipping insurance.


comes w/1 year email support tc1 smaller models or lifetime tc3 DBS.


Policy | Warranty





 Highly adjustable amperes applied, for larger fuel quanitity's, yes performance,  it's simply, our type thermodynamics.



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