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of the late Pope Pius XIIIth 

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We inform viewers of this site; the death of the Pope Pius XIIIth, was on the 30th of November 2009. He passed away at the age of 91yrs old.

 Please stay/pray in the virtue of true patients for the upcoming events and updating on the NOW Papal Situation of the true Catholic Church.

Further informations will be posted here just as soon as possible  Canidates will be anounced outside and inside the conclave pages...
Password is needed to enter the conclave.

 All answers of the upcoming worldwide conclave event,  will not take place until the end of year 2024 in the least, according to the true Scriptures the Holy Book of the Prophet Isaias; 70 years.  Along with the true catholic church true holy church mysteries, that coincide with this OFM-CAP Holy Church Father.

IHM council currently is in session discussion again after some time of being interupted of by persecution,s and is in process of making progress again as of this very moment, Of its prior important mystery council events to an upcoming election.  Please bear with this website, it has been tossed to and fro.  Of many servers.

Lay members are cautioned to watch for united nations to resurface once again, as from rip down communist war to Ukraine, to as of the fake dissobedience to the UN from Moscow.

Please remember that the url name does so belong to this web site, so as same also does of the url name itself.
All we ask, is that they
are returned to the web admin.

 But this is to be expected; real insubordinations in these evil times of earthly life to true catholics. thefts of url names from the internet.  We do caution all true Catholics of this evil non morals problem very sinful, of having any internet websites. Sellers in the temple; They sell what is not theirs to sell.

See IHM.htm page for proper type software to speak in real time with many of us online.  Pray to the Most Holy Blessed Holy Mother Maria; in the true Holy Rosary to Our Blessed Holy Mother Maria Daily, for the true Catholic Church to be safe in her true virtues exercise of, and continue of in real church truth always.

 Holding true to 15 Holy Rosary Holy Church Mysteries.

15 decades, 3 sets of Mysteries.

May Pope Pius XIIIth and his soul rest in peace Amen.

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To reach clergy members, cardinals, priesthood, please use the candidate members page. As they reside in many differ places in this world.

Po Box 133 Springdale Wa 99173


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Note;   that the acronym tCC stands for "true Catholic Church"and lower/upper case notation is correct as shown above.This is to help distinguish the true Catholic Church' from the imposter "antichrist" 'false catholic church' who presently occupys the so called Vatican in Rome. true Define of the word itself "Vatican", has only one true proper meaning,  and that is ONLY  "extermination of lies " other non meaningful meanings of no define have no precedence, and should be very discarded of by the true faithful.