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Parents and Siblings
His Holiness Pope Pius XIII 
Their Biography
A New page for, website via posted trueCarpentry;

 since the url name has been stolen again by internet usary sharks, $$$, to foul true elections starting 2017 possibly.  Hell Bound theives yes they are. Know nothings. Persecutions against this Daniel and the true Catholic Church, and His Holy Cross in the Sky, do so continue.

  View the Bio on carefully, Under the trueCarpentry website.  Yes, fouling the Point of the Diamond of Freemasonry, yes satanism - New York City Bush Monster Freemasonry, 911 WTC,  it all stacks together from the true Holy Scriptures Including the towers in the book of Isaias, foretold in chpt 30 vs 25- - - Only a Douay Rheims version, Haydock,  is pural.    See also Book of Jeremias, vs 1 Chapter 17 for truths of Fatima, Lasallete in reality, reveals point of the diamond, freemasonry, removal of the pope from Rome, not to mention, all high offices. That includes cival offices as well if I am not mistaken.  Corruption of the US government.

And No, I dont mean, the Heart of the Ocean, on the Titanic.   Do know what God loves and what He does not love.  God really uses it Himself;  the word "Hate", and in more than just one place in the true Holy Scriptures.  And He certainly means it.

The trueCatholic Website has been under persecution for a long time very unsupported of, and many in dissobedience to Most Holy Mother, and is being worked on in spare time once again. The Wikipedia encly is very foul and wrong in its speech statements on this topic,  The Great Holy Father Pope Pius XIIIth...   A Very Simular Pope to and that of Pope Leo XIIIth, and with same true intention. He suffered under dementia for short time in the end, making some minor statement mistakes that just were not so true.  But if you had the problem of remembering the entire Holy Scriptures and true Catholic Church doctrines, as well (I suppose you would understand that if you use the virtue of understanding.)  Hopefully.    

 For in truth, no one will have the way into Most Holy Mother the Church, in the very ending last of days.  This is according to the true Holy Scriptures yes.  And it will happen of.    


Most Holy Family Monastery in New York is in mistake on such these matters of sacraments.  The devil holds no sacraments for anyone under false conditions novus ordo,  for it is not even slightly possible. 

 This high priorty statement posted here at the end of 2013...

 Wikipedia hopefully will somehow wake up and remove its sick robots and its sick ill roll of statements of a Great Holy Father. A very bad source for true Catholic informations. It is likely run by satans helpers.

  Rome, Abomination of desolation?   today,  yes, I believe so.  prevaricators;  Signed;  or should I say, Obama nation Bush.  But that is all in the same as showing a movie of the collapse of world trade centers, before it ever even takes place.

  It's called,  child phycology.  The frame up of a pagans mind.  They did this with the Titanic as well in the days of Fatima old.   Fact,  The old  man JP Morgan had a ticket for the Titanic, and he was the true owner of it, not Whitestar, but, he never did get on that boat. This event was also a true story pulled from the Holy Scriptures themselves of the old days, and foretold before the Titanic went down.  In this case, it was inside a story book.    I believe in the Holy Scriptures, it is with Saint Paul, when the boat breaks in two.  Pagans always use the same Holy Scriptures to do mischief in their witchcraft.  A good trueCatholic should always expect it.

Only One Church,  Only One God, outside of which, there is no salvation.

 NO repent,   No apologetics,   NO Penance, =   No Forgiveness. 


"Parents & Siblings"

Pope Pius XIIIth, his Father

Hubert Pulvermacher (1889-1985)

Hubert Pulvermacher, father of Pope Pius XIII, was born Nov. 6, 1889 in Waunakee, Dane County, WI, USA, to Jospeh and Helena (Lange) Pulvermacher. He attended Waunakee schools. He married Ceclia Lenerz on Nov. 23, 1915 at St. Augustine Catholic Church in Norwalk. After their marriage, they came to the Town of Rock, Marshfield, Wisconsin, USA, farming there for 27 years.

In 1942, he retired from farming and moved the family about 15 miles from the farm to Pittsville, WI, USA, where he was employed as a custodian for the Pittsville School system. From 1950-1955, he was custodian for St. Monte Alverno Retreat House in Appleton.

Hubert was a member of St. Joachim's Catholic Church and Holy Name Society and Pittsville Senior Citizens.

Hubert Pulvermacher died on October 21, 1985. He was preceded in death by seven sisters and one brother.

Cecelia (Lenerz) Pulvermacher (1895-1999)

Cecelia Gertrude Pulvermacher, mother of Pope Pius XIII, was born on Nov. 19, 1895 in Roxbury, WI, USA. The youngest of eleven children of John Lenerz and Emma Kirsch, Cecelia was orphaned at the age of eight since both of her parents died within a year. Her life was difficult in many ways, but her faith in God seemed to guide her ways.

At the age of twenty, she married Hubert J. Pulvermacher in Norwalk, WI, USA. The Pulvermacher's had nine children, and after 27 years of farming, the family moved to Pittsville in 1942. Cecelia lived there until 1992. Her hobbies included gardening and canning, playing a pump organ, crocheting, member of a senior citizens group, and playing cards. In 1993, she began living at Bethel Nursing Center in Wisconsin.

Cecelia died in her sleep on Nov. 21, 1999 at the age of 104 years with a clear mind to the end.

Robert Pulvermacher (1920 -2002)

Robert Pulvermacher was born January 30, 1920. He became a Capuchin priest, taking the name Fr. Pius Pulvermacher. He died on May 14, 2002, and was buried in the Mt. Calvary (Capuchin) cemetery in Wisconsin, USA.

Omer Pulvermacher (1934 -2004)

Omer Pulvermacher was born June 28, 1934. He became a Capuchin priest, taking the name Fr. Claude Pulvermacher. He died March 20, 2004 in Milwaukee at the Alexian hospital for priests and religious. He was buried in the Mt. Calvary (Capuchin) cemetery in Wisconsin, USA., close to his brother, Fr.Pius, who died 2 years earlier.

Children of Hubert & Cecelia Pulvermacher

All nine children of Hubert and Cecelia Pulvermacher took residence in various parts of the country and most of them are today retired. The five daughters all married, one became a medical doctor and another a registered nurse.

Their marriage has produced 20 grandchildren and 26 great-grandchildren.

Their four sons all became Capuchin priests. Two of the sons were in the Novus Ordo church, and one is equally in the Novus Ordo, serving in the Society of St. Pius X. Their son, Earl (Fr. Lucian Pulvermacher), on Oct. 24, 1998, became Pope Pius XIII, the 262nd pope of the Holy Roman Catholic Church. The only member of the family that remained subject to Pope Pius XIII, fully in the Catholic faith, was his mother. Apocalypse 13,7 is seen to have come true here:

"And it was given unto him (the devil) to make war with the saints (Catholics) and to overcome them."
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